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Zoic Pet Foods are the newest product introduced by the makers of Wild Calling Pet Foods and are now available at Foreman’s General Store.  Zoic is a new age pet food, affordably priced and created by Millennials for Millennials.

Zoic Pet Foods. Bursting with Life!

Imagination is good because it leads to change, and we change because we know that good enough is never good enough. Our dreams are our future and our pets are our family and for our family, we’ll do anything, and anything requires everything: to burst with life, to overflow with care. So while we always question what is, we always imagine what could be. Imagine a pet food that embodies the very definition of the word ‘Zoic’: having or relating to animal life.

Zoic Pet Food is all about animal life. Nurturing it. Nourishing it. Born from that special bond between pet and pet-lover. Zoic is Grain Free Dog Food available for all life stages:

  • Farm Fare with turkey & chicken – An all natural mix of farm fresh veggies and poultry along with added B12, Probiotics and nothing artificial
  • Magic Marsh with alligator & turkey meal – Straight from the wild with 30% real meat protein
  • Seven Seas with cod & herring meal – Seaside fresh with fish and vegetable proteins of cod, herring, and chickpeas.

Visit Foreman’s today to check out Zoic Pet Foods, Dog Food for the Millenium!

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