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Winter Lawn Care in North Texas

Right now, our North Texas weather can go from warmer temps to freezing weather in a matter of hours. The elements can be harsh on your lawn, causing discoloration, lack of growth, and can kill your landscape. But fear not – there are several steps you can take to prepare your lawn for winter and ensure that it stays healthy all the way into spring.

Before you begin, know that cooler fall weather is upon us, creating an optimal time to do thorough yardwork. The weather is cooler than the summer months so you won’t be so likely to get overheated or fatigued. And your lawn and plants will continue growing healthily without the harsh heat and excessive sun exposure. Supplement further growth and “lawn defense” throughout the winter months by following these steps.

Test Soil pH Levels

While this may sound like a complex part of the plan, it’s actually quite easy and can pay off greatly in keeping your lawn healthy. This test will tell you specifically what measures to take to ensure your soil properly feeds your lawn and notify you of any “spot-seeding” you may need to fill in patches that weren’t growing as well. Soil pH meters can be found at most lawn and garden or home improvement stores and can range from 6 to 35 dollars. You want your soil to have as close to a neutral pH as possible. If your soil is acidic, use lime product treatments and if alkaline, use sulfur treatments.

Remove Weeds from the Lawn/Beds

There is never a time to not remove weeds from your lawn, and including it as a winterizing tactic is no exception. As your lawn enters into the winter months, you will want the grass and flower beds to be receiving as many nutrients as they need. Weeds will steal these nutrients and prevent your lawn from getting the sustenance it needs in the harsh winter. Set your lawn up for success and remove the weeds before winter gets here.


As you may have anticipated, fertilizing your lawn is a must before the winter months arrive. Here at Foreman’s, we can recommend a blend specifically for winterizing your lawn. As always, be careful to spread evenly and do not over fertilize.

Aerate the Lawn

Aerating your lawn will open up the soil and help with air circulation, water flow, and allow your lawn to retain and soak up those much-needed nutrients.

Spread Seed

Depending on the type of grass you have/want and your geographic environment, spreading cool weather, winter ready seed can help to fill in “patchy” areas. And if you’ve allowed the fertilizer time to take and have also aerated your lawn, this will be the perfect time to spread seed on what should be very fertile soil.

Cover Plant/Flower Beds

Flower beds also need attention and care before winter comes. If left alone, these can also die and encourage weeds to spread which could further invade into your lawn. For best results, spread a layer of mulch on your flower beds to slowly release needed nutrients throughout winter and consider bringing in fragile plants by potting them and caring for them indoors.

Clear Your Lawn

It’s important to not leave anything on your lawn during winter. Frost can cause blades of grass to break under pressure, snowfall can make lawn furniture even heavier, and leaves and debris can block much-needed sunlight. Be sure to clear your lawn of any debris and store non-essential lawn furniture or ornaments.

Mow Shorter, Gradually

As the weather gets colder, eventually you will no longer need to mow your lawn for the winter season. And if you haven’t already, begin lowering the cut of your lawn each time. Your aim should be for the final cut to be the lowest you’ve done yet and the gradual lowering will help to not “shock” your lawn. Shorter grass will also deter nesting or burrowing animals from making a home in tall grass and ruining parts of your lawn.

Following these steps will help to keep your lawn healthy all through the winter and yield a vibrant, lush lawn for spring. Be sure to speak to our lawn and garden experts for any other winter treatments to provide another climate specific level of protection.

Visit us at Foreman’s General Store for advice on the right ECHO tools to properly prepare your lawn for winter as well as mulch, fertilizers and more!

Source: The ECHO Edge Blog

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