Tips for Watering your Trees

dead-tree-in-dry-fieldWe have all seen the effects of the drought conditions in Texas. But don’t forget about trees during the hot, dry summer. It is important to take the time to properly water established trees. Just because you have a sprinkler watering your yard, doesn’t mean that your trees are getting enough water.

One of the first signs that your trees are lacking in water is a dry, yellow, curled area around the outer edge of the leaves. This is called leaf scorch and should not be ignored.

Proper water practices can help your trees survive the harsh summer conditions in Texas. During hot, dry periods, water trees every 6 to 10 days. First, you can circle soaker hoses around the base of the tree. Second, you can adjust your sprinkler heads in your yard to target your trees. But make sure that the trees are the focus of the water flow because trees need more water than your yard will. Third, you can hand water the trees with a water hose. Watering in the morning is recommended. Finally, it is also important to note that you can over water trees. Water logged soil displaces oxygen around the root system which causes stress to the tree.



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