The Original Veggie Fermenter Makes Lacto-Fermenting Easy

Veggie FermenterHave you been watching the price of food climb over the last few years?  Did you know that lacto-fermented foods save you money? Yup, it not only preserves the food so it lasts longer, but it actually helps to wring out more nutrition per bite! Add to this that you can stay healthier, and save energy at the same time, and it is a great combination. Lacto-fermenting is also a great health supporter as it helps to supply lactobacilli to your intestinal track. This good bacteria builds your immune system, letting you fight colds, the flu, and diseases. Pick up your veggie fermenter and keep your family happy and healthy.

Foreman’s General Store carries The Original Veggie Fermenter Kit which makes Lacto-Fermenting so easy and so good for you!

  • Boosts Nutrition & Enzymes
  • Eat Less – Fermented food is more nutritionally-sound which may reduce hunger and binge eating
  • Saves Time – Helps you keep some Foods Stored for Months

Sounds like a good time to learn about lacto-fermenting. Here is a neat fact. Did you know that many lacto-fermented foods don’t require cooking to make? No need to get that stove heated up! And lacto-fermenting requires no electricity for the fermenting process, either. Want to learn how to lacto-ferment?  Lacto-fermenting sure can add a nice bang to some vegetables, and they are just within reach for snacks.

Well, it is never too late to start! Stop in at Foreman’s today and pick up The Original Veggie Fermenter and Mason Jars to started! Have fun and do some lacto-fermenting this week to save some money, health, & energy.

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