The Benefits of Using Hay Feeders for Your Animals

Hay Feeder BenefitsAs a livestock owner, one of your main concerns is ensuring that your animals have access to clean and dry hay. Hay is often vulnerable to moisture, mold, and wastage which can be expensive and difficult to manage. Here is where hay feeders come in. Hay feeders come in various forms, are made of sturdy materials, and can be used to keep your hay fresh and also save you money. Explore some of the benefits of using hay feeders for your livestock.

Keeps Hay Clean And Dry
One of the biggest advantages of using a hay feeder is that it keeps the hay clean and dry. When hay is left on the ground or in a pile, it’s prone to being trampled on by animals, becoming contaminated with dirt, and absorbing moisture from the ground or the environment. Not only does this make it less appealing for animals to eat, but it can also compromise their health by exposing them to mold and bacteria. By using a hay feeder, you can lift the hay off the ground and protect it from the elements.

Reduces Waste And Saves Money
Using hay feeders can reduce waste and save money long term. When animals are given free access to hay, they tend to consume it quickly and messily, scattering it around and stepping on it. This not only makes it harder to clean up, but it also means that a lot of hay is wasted. In fact, studies have shown that using a hay feeder can reduce hay wastage by up to 50%. This translates into significant cost savings over time, especially for larger farming operations.

Promotes Natural Feeding Behavior
Hay fed from the ground causes animals to bend down and stretch their necks to feed. This causes discomfort for animals and sometimes even strain. Hay feeders position hay at a comfortable height for animals to eat from, allowing them to maintain a natural posture and avoid unnecessary pain or injury. This can also lead to better digestion and overall health for your animals.

Ensures Equal Access To Hay
Dominant animals can monopolize hay that is fed on the ground which keeps shyer animals from getting their share. This could lead to malnourishment and even aggression among animals. When a hay feeder is used, animals all get their fair share of hay for better nutrition and livestock cohesion. 

Improves Overall Cleanliness And Sanitation
Hay tends to attract rodents and other pests like flies when scattered around. These pests often carry disease and can create unsanitary conditions. Using a hay feeder is an easy way to create a cleaner feeding environment by reducing the risk of pests and diseases. In addition to this, they are easy to clean which promotes health and hygiene on the farm. 

Consider using a hay feeder on your farm as a simple but effective way to improve the health and welfare of your livestock. Not only does it have health benefits, but it can save you money in the long run!

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