Spring Lawn Care: Do You Have A Fertilization Plan?

Spring Lawn Care

To grow a beautiful lawn you can be proud of starts with pro-active spring lawn care planning and regular maintenance.  It’s critical to develop a proper maintenance schedule to include fertilization. All lawn grasses should be treated in early Spring when new grass growth begins to appear.

According to Texas A&M’s Agri-Life Extension experts, when lawns don’t receive proper nutrients, problems with diseases, insects and weeds start to develop, which increases the need for pesticide applications. An improperly fed lawn will begin to thin gradually which makes it vulnerable to weeds and soil erosion. A thin lawn also allows increased fertilizer runoff.  Therefore, consistent fertilizing throughout the rest of the warmer Spring and Summer seasons is paramount and typically depends on the type of grass in your lawn.

What kind of grass is in your yard?  

Here in North Texas, our most popular warm-season lawn grasses are Bermuda, buffalo, centipede, St. Augustine and zoysia.  The levels of nutrients contained in your soil (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and soil PH) determines the type and timing of your fertilizer application.  Soil testing is a good way to assess the nutrient make up in your lawn.  A soil test is easy and inexpensive— Forms and instructions are available through your county Extension office or on the Texas A&M Soil Testing Laboratory’s Website.

How do you choose the best fertilizer for your spring lawn care?

Once you’ve determined the levels of your lawn’s nutrients,  the best lawn fertilizer is one containing a ratio mix of the three nutrients indicated by your soil test results. Fertilizer bags list three numbers (such as 16-4-8). Those numbers—the fertilizer analysis—show the percentage by weight of nitrogen, phosphorus (expressed as available phosphoric acid, or P205) and potassium (expressed as soluble potash, or K20) in the fertilizer.

Texas A&M Extension provides this very helpful online calculator.  Bring your results to Foreman’s and our team can help you determine the best “recipe” to fertilize your lawn.

Foreman’s General Store carries our own house brand of Organically aligned fertilizer as well as a full line of organic lawn and garden feeds, mulches,  compost, and soil amendments.  Everything you’ll need to keep your lawn and garden organic.

Organic composts brands Foreman’s carry include: Back to Nature, Hapi-Gro, Vital Earth, Living Earth, Humalfa, and Nature’s Guide.

Additional Lawn Fertilizer Tips

  • Water your lawn a few days before you fertilize to make sure it isn’t suffering drought stress.
  • Make sure the grass blades are completely dry when you fertilize the lawn to avoid burns.
  • Fill the spreader on the driveway or another concrete surface so that you can easily sweep up any spills.

For additional reference: Lawn Fertilization for Texas Warm-Season Grasses

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