Spring Cleaning Your Weber Grill

Weber Grill Spring CleaningAs we move into Spring and Summer, many of us are firing up our Weber Grill almost every day of the week but it can be easy to forget some of the most important parts of grilling: cleaning and upkeep of your Weber. Thus, in order to get your Weber charcoal and gas grills ready for great barbecues this season, check out our tips and videos below for Weber’s essential cleaning tips:

  1. When the grill is cool, brush or scrape off built-up carbon on the underside of the lid. Then, brush the cooking and charcoal grates to remove leftover debris from your last grilling session.
  2. Brush or scrape the Flavorizer Bars or charcoal grate until they are free of debris.
  3. For gas grills: Using a clean brush, clear the burner tube ports of rust and debris by brushing across them, not down the length of the burner. Clean burners 1-2 times a year. For charcoal grills, use the One-Touch Cleaning System to push ashes and debris into the ash catcher.
  4. Use a scraper to chip away any built-up debris along the sides and bottom of the cookbox. Push all the debris into the slide-out grease tray. For charcoal grills, make sure to empty the ash catcher – ashes left sitting in the ash catcher can promote corrosion.
  5. Scrape any debris in the slide-out grease tray into the drip pan. Replace the drip pan after wiping out the catch pan. Periodically check and clean the grease tray before grilling.
  6. Be sure to inspect all hoses for cracks or abrasions, and leak check all gas connections, including LP tanks, using a soapy water solution. To leak check, dab a mixture of dish soap and water on all connections. With the control knobs off, turn on the gas. If bubbles form, there is a leak. DO NOT USE THE GRILL! Please call the Weber Grills customer service team for assistance: 800-446-1071.

Source: Jennie Lussow, Guest Blogger, Weber Blog

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