Purina’s IM Technology Delivers Predicatable Performance

It’s a well-researched fact that a stable digestive system in cattle results in increased forage
utilization, digestive function, and overall health and performance (see “Basic Cattle Nutrition”).

Hand feeding range supplements such as range cubes, commodities, or grain mixes, may be causing
instability in your animals’ digestive system. When cattle consume all their supplement in a 5-10-
minute period, binge eating occurs. As a result, forage intake is reduced and so is digestion.

Purina’s Intake Modifying Technology helps an animal’s digestive system function optimally by
causing cattle to eat multiple snacks each day. These snacks provide the necessary ingredients
(ammonia, energy, macro minerals and trace minerals) for rumen microbes — “bugs” — to grow in
number and efficiency. The greater number of these bugs in the rumen, the more efficiently cattle
digest forage. The result is optimal forage intake. Therefore, your cattle’s needs are better met from
your grass or hay, requiring less from your supplement.

Controlled Intake Systems: Controlled Intake Systems utilizing IM TechnologyTM result in:

• Multiple small supplement “snacks” each day that optimize an animal’s nutrient flow

• Consumption based on the quality of forage present. The higher your forage quality, the lower
the supplement intake; the poorer your forage quality, the higher the supplement intake.

• Precision feeding that meets your cattle’s needs regardless of forage quality.

• Maximization of pasture or hay intake and utilization. Controlled Intake Systems enhance
grazing distribution.

• Herd uniformity through nutritional equity. No more “boss” cows. And cows that don’t
respond to your call when you hand feed can still eat 24-hours a day, regardless of weather,
using Purina’s Controlled Intake Systems.

• Decreased delivery cost versus hand feeding. Purina’s Controlled Intake Systems replace daily
hand feeding with once-per-week feeding. Purina research shows this can save you as much as
17¢ per day or $26 per head over a 150-day feeding season.

The bottom line: IM Technology can help you increase the utilization of your greatest and most
economical resource — grass or hay — while providing the correct nutritional profile. And this
means predictable performance from your cattle.

These distinct Controlled Intake Systems are the result of Purina’s IM Technology research.

Accuration®/Cattle LimiterTM. Designed specifically for cows, developing heifers, growing
stockers or yearlings, bull conditioning and development, and creep feeding.

Sup-R-Block®. Designed for cows and bulls, developing heifers, and growing stockers or yearlings.

IMPACT®. Designed for starting, growing, and finishing cattle as well as for bull development. See
your Purina dealer today for a program that is right for your herd.

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