Planting your Fall Garden

fallplantingguideYes, it is still summer and it’s hot, but it is time to start planning ahead to your fall gardens! Just think of all the wonderful vegetables you can grow and enjoy this fall and winter. At Foreman’s General Store, we have all the supplies you need to help you get started. Let us help you get your best fall garden crop!

Here are some tips to remember when planing your fall garden. First, it is important to research your areas forecasted first frost dates. Based off the dates of the first frost, you can then count back the number of weeks to when you need to plant. The amount of time will vary depending on the seed or plant, but beginning to mid August it typically a good time frame to establish your plants. Second, if you are wanting tomatoes or peppers, now is the time to get the tomato and pepper plants to transplant into your garden. Find your favorite vegetables in the chart to get an idea of when the best time to plant is.

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