FEP Pine Animal Bedding Pellets

Pine Animal Bedding Pellets

Save on FEP (Fiber Energy Products) Pine Animal Bedding Pellets now just $8.99 for 40 lb bags at Foreman’s General Store. This pellet absorbancy rate will amaze you. Similiar to a cat litter, you only need to remove the clumps of waste. No need to clean out the whole stall like in the past with shavings and other traditional products.

You can use this bedding for both your cattle and horses. It has many uses and not just in your horse or cattle stalls. You can also use this in your trailers. Because it’s made to last longer than other beddings, it will save you money.

FEP Pine Animal Bedding Benefits

  • It is a 100% all-natural compostable product, which is heat-treated, bacteria and insect resistant, mold-free.
  • Has 4% moisture leaving 96% absorbency factor reducing urine smells.
  • Exceptional fast absorbency ratings of the product make cleaning easier and cuts cleaning time in half.
  • Last up to ten times as long as conventional bedding reducing waste.
  • Sold in 40# easy to handle recyclable plastic bags taking up less storage space.
  • Cost-effective, one bag of Pine Animal Bedding Pellets is equivalent to two bags of conventional shavings.

All of FEP’s products are made of all-natural 100% hardwood fibers from Arkansas and Missouri forests.

Benefits Source: Fiber Energy 


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