Pet Joint Supplement- Cetyl M Holistic


Hey people, Scott at Foreman’s. I want to tell you about a product I’ve been selling for a long time. I kinda forget about it, I am kinda use to it but I have had a couple customers recently come to me and say, “Oh my gosh thank you, thank you, thank you.” It’s called Ceryl M. It’s a natural holistic anti-inflammatory for you pets. No drugs, amazing! Everyone I’ve sold for a number of years; I’ve told the customer try it for two weeks. If it doesn’t make a huge difference you can see, then I’ll buy it back. Guess how many I have bought back? Zero, yep that’s right, zero. Ceryl M, great product we have it in several sizes, we also have chewies. You will see instant results if your dog has bad hips, gets up and down slow, is older come and give it a try.
We have a million cool Christmas presents. We’ll kinda pan around, it is a great time to come shopping.
Thank you very much.

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