Country Blends Wild Bird Seed at Foreman’s

Country Blends Wild Bird Seed

Give your feathered friends plenty of nutritious food sources with Country Blends Wild Bird Seed products from Foreman’s General Store!

As winter approaches, wild birds have to adjust their eating habits. During the spring and summer, most birds feed on insects. But when it gets cold insects are scarce to find. So birds have to find alternative food sources such as berries and seeds. This is where you can play an important role in helping feed the wild birds at your feeder this winter.

Foreman’s offers several varieties of Kaylor of Colorado Country Blends Bird Seed including:

  • Patio Mix
  • Cardinal
  • Black Oil Sunflower Seed 
  • Healthy Hearts Blend



Kaylor of Colorado manufactures premium bird and small animal food. Kaylor’s manufacturing facility is located in Greeley, Colorado with the majority of its ingredients sourced from local farmers. There are advantages to Kaylor’s natural seed and fruit-based products.

  • Clean Quality and Natural Products: Most products are sourced through local farmers.  Ingredients are triple cleaned to ensure they are free of all dust and foreign material.
  • Freshness Guaranteed: All Kaylor of Colorado wild bird seed products are flushed with nitrogen and packaged in a barrier film to guarantee freshness and eliminate bug infestations.
  • No Manufactured Ingredients: Other manufacturers use processed pellets or extruded foods to create a colorful look. Kaylor of Colorado achieves its colorful look by using natural ingredients that birds and small animals search out.

Foreman’s General Store also sells plenty of wild bird feeders and several other brands of bagged seed including Purina Bird Chow and bulk birdseed, too. With bulk seed, you can pick what kind of seed you need and just the right amount! We offer Frequent Purchase Rewards on Kaylor of Colorado and other wild bird seed products— Buy 10 bags and get 1 bag free. Visit us today and keep your feathered visitors happy all winter long!


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