Mole Control Tips

It’s time to treat for moles! Who invited the mole to take up residency in your yard? While moles aren’t the worst rodent you could encounter, they aren’t very welcome. The tunnels they make can cause a nuisance, even though they are actually aerating the soil in the process. To keep moles from getting out of hand, here are a few tips and solutions we recommend:

  • Poison grubs and worms– Eliminate the mole’s food source by getting rid of the grubs and earthworms in your yard that the moles feed on.
  • Caster oil– Caster Oil granules are an excellent way to repel moles. When the granules are dissolved, they release a scent that causes the moles to relocate.
  • Mole bait– A simple variation of a typical rodent trap that sticks into the ground to catch and kill the mole.
  • Electric and Solar Mole baits– Emits a combination of sounds & vibrations underground that deters the moles and makes them move on.

We offer all these solutions.  Stop by Foreman’s General Store today or call us with any questions you might have!

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