Hummingbirds: Feeders and Nectars Now In-Stock

Hummingbirds | Foreman's General StoreHummingbirds are here and Foreman’s General Store has all types of hummingbird feeders and nectars available in stock. We have feeders in many colors, shapes, and sizes to fit your decor and taste.

We also have hummingbird nectars that will surely attract these tiny birds to your backyard. It’s important to make sure you have the correct mixture. Whether you use a recipe to create your own or buy one of our own premixed nectars you can’t go wrong.

It’s not just feeders and nectars that is important to attract these beautiful birds, it’s also important to know the placement of the feeders. According to ABC, it’s important that the feeder can be seen yet still protected from structures, predators, and other larger birds. Below is a good rule of thumb to follow:

  • Avoid windows so there’s no possible collision (you either want feeders close–within three feet of a structure–or far away)
  • Place feeders high so that its safe from predators
  • Make sure the feeder has shade
  • Protect the feeder from gusts of wind
  • Keep the feeder away from high traffic areas

List source: ABCHomeandCommercial.com



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