How to Attract Birds to Your Yard

Gifts for Gardeners | Bird Feeders, Bird Houses Birds are a delight to have in the backyard and many people try to attract them each year. Their charming presence makes any outdoor space feel more alive and beautiful when they are around. If you enjoy watching them, attracting them to your yard is not a complicated task. With some helpful tips and tricks, you can attract plenty of birds to the yard to watch.

Provide Bird Feeders and Water Sources

Bird feeders and water sources are the very first things you should add when you aim to attract birds to your yard. Bird feeders come in different types and styles, but the most common ones are hopper, suet, and tube feeders. Choose the right bird feeders depending on your local bird species. Water also attracts birds, and adding a birdbath or a shallow pond can increase the chances of birds visiting your yard for a drink. Shop our selection of bird feeders. 

Use Native Plants

Native plants provide a natural habitat for birds where they can live and thrive. Consider planting trees and shrubs that are native to your area as this will provide a natural food source for birds such as fruits and nuts. Moreover, native flowers and plants attract pollinators, which will also entice birds to your yard.

Provide Nesting Sites

Birds need a safe place to build their nests, raise their young, and roost at night. Providing birdhouses, nesting boxes, or installing natural nesting sites such as hollow trees or rocks, is a great way to get birds to stay in your yard. Make sure the nesting structures are sturdy and properly installed in a location that is safe from predators.

Keep Your Yard Clean and Safe

Birds avoid messy and unsafe environments, so it’s important to keep your yard clean. Regularly remove debris, dead branches, and leaves, which can attract unwanted predators and pests. Clean bird feeders and water sources frequently to prevent the spread of disease. Furthermore, avoid using chemical pesticides and fertilizers since they can be harmful to birds.

Be Patient and Observant

Attracting birds to your yard requires patience and time. Birds usually do not show up right away. You need to provide a conducive environment and wait for them to discover it. Once you’ve done all of the above, sit back and observe. Birdwatching is a calming and pleasurable activity that can provide hours of entertainment.

Attracting birds to your yard doesn’t have to be difficult. Using these tips, you can enjoy plenty of bird visitors to your yard and maybe even a couple of new residents. 

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