Guardian One Flea Pills for Dogs

Guardian One Flea Pills | Foreman's General StoreForeman’s General Store just got the once a month flea pill, Guardian One for dogs. This flea killer is the gold standard in pet supply products that includes two gentle ingredients called Lufenuron and Nitenpyram. Since 1995, Lufenuron and Nitenpyram have been available in the USA and Canada and in over 30 countries.

Many pet owners love this product for many reasons. There is no preservatives and no artificial flavors. It has two all natural and real smoked meats blended with Nitenpyram and Lufenuron in a compact clear gelcap. This gelcap makes it easy to administer to the most finicky dog.

The best part about this product is that Nitenpyram starts working within 30 minutes and Lufenuron controls fleas for 30 days. This is a must-have product this summer!

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