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Grub Free Zone for Grub Worm ControlGrub worm killing season is upon us! The grub worm is a turf grass-destroying larva of the June bug. They eat the roots of grass. If it makes you feel any better everyone has grubs, even if the lawn shows no damage. Looking for grubs requires removing a sod size piece of lawn that is three to four inches thick with a shovel. I was taught that four or more grubs per square foot indicate a problem and should be treated.

There are both all-natural and synthetic ways to treat for grubs. The majority of grub damage occurs from July to October. Products with the active ingredient Imidacloprid are the best on the chemical side. We carry  Grub Free Zone II from Fertilome and Grub Control from Bayer. Both will treat up to 5000sf and Imidacloprid is the active ingredient with Grub Beater being a little cheaper.

The all-natural side we offer Beneficial Nematodes. Beneficial Nematodes are the next all-natural choice. Apply them as the sun is setting on wet soil and lightly water after. Be sure to apply them before it gets too hot.

You’ll have to know how many square feet you need to treat and read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the bag.

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