Green Mountain Grill Pizza Oven

Hi! This is Greg Foreman. Yesterday, Scott showed you how to install a pizza oven in the Green Mountain grill. Well, today, it’s a crappy day so, he sent me out to make the pizzas. I’ve got the oven in there and it’s running real good. The thermostat is set at 400 and if I look at the grill right now we’ve got a 775 degree surface on the stone. So, we’re going to stick us a pizza in there. This is just a veggie pizza with lots of jalapenos because we like some spicy and here we go folks. We put this little beauty in there. It’s in and it’s going. Yeah, this is a first time for me so I’m not sure, but it’s looking good and let’s see what happened to our temperature. Dropped down to 675, they recommend to run it at 450 on the thermostat which is going to give you around an 800 degrees on the stone. We’re just experimenting, I’m not sure. I’m going to turn this pizza if I can. And the other thing I don’t know about is whether we should close the cover or leave it open.

So, you can see what’s going on. Cheese is melting good. Oh it’s starting to bubble. Veggies are crisp enough, yeah the edges are getting brown, it’s been about a minute. That’s pretty fast! At around 800 degrees it said you could cook a pizza in two minutes totally done. The dome reflects the heat back down so it does the top. It’s as good as any wood fire grill I think. Let’s see how it looks what do you think? I think the backs getting too crispy. Y’all can tell i’m not too good at this. That’s looking good I think we should take it out. Let’s dig her out.

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