GopherHawk Effective Pest Removal Solution

Simply stated, GopherHawk is a  Natural approach to trapping Gophers & Moles made clean and simple, to set and retrieve, all without the use of a shovel.

With our gardens and lawns being affected by these burrowing pests, we began looking for a faster more effective way to eliminate the threat. Foreman’s now sells GopherHawk pest removal in order to keep your yard in tip-top shape.  GopherHawk not only captures these pests quickly but has an easy placement and retrieval as well.  This product provides effective tools for eliminating pest quickly and cleanly. Organic and non-invasive trapping without the use of a shovel. Designed to intersect the tunnel vertically with our above ground approach, Gopherhawk makes you rethink what it takes to trap gophers.

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