Frost King Faucet Protector

Frost King Faucet ProtectorProtect your outdoor faucets from freezing with a slip on faucet protector from Frost King. Foreman’s General Store has all of your winter protection gear now in-stock.

Faucet covers can provide great insulation for your home and prevent cold air from getting indoors. Made of either hard plastic or foam, faucet protectors can gravely reduce your heating bill. There are many other reasons why you should winterize your home with these covers.

Faucet Protector Benefits

  • Draft Prevention
  • Pipe Protection
  • Childproofing
  • Pest Prevention

With winter here, it is crucial to keep your pipes from freezing. Cracked and broken pipes can be a very costly repair. Same goes for those rats and mice who want to keep warm in the winter time and will find ways to get inside your warm home. Another costly incident is if your child gets a hold of your outdoor faucets, it will surely increase your water bill. You can easily prevent these costly events by purchasing a faucet protector.


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