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Ricki's Cheesemaking kitsForeman’s has a great gift idea for the gourmet in your life: Ricki’s Cheesemaking Kits! These easy-to-use kits contain all of the ingredients necessary to produce artisan-quality cheeses at home.  Each kit makes 10 two pound batches of cheese.  Check out these delicious varieties of Ricki’s Cheesemaking Kits at Foreman’s: Farmhouse Cheddar, Gouda, Monterey Jack, Feta, Cottage Cheese, Colby, Parmesan and Ricotta. With this kit you will be able to make 10 two pound batches of cheese.

With a little effort and a lot of fun, you can make your very own preservative free cheeses! Start now and make this a family tradition. Ricki’s Cheesemaking Kits comes with detailed recipes, demystifying all the steps in the cheese making process.

The included basket mold is an ideal mold for soft and hard cheeses. For the harder cheeses, simply use an inverted small plate or large jar lid as a follower/pressure-plate to spread the weight evenly over the top surface. A weight of 3 to 20 lbs is the working range for this mold.

CONTENTS: Basket Mold, Vegetable Rennet Tablets, Mesophilic DS Starter, Thermophilic DS Starter, Dairy Thermometer, 1/2 oz. Calcium Chloride, 1 yard Re-usable Cheesecloth, Recipe Booklet

USAGE: Use to make a variety of eight delicious cheeses right in the comfort of your very own kitchen!!!

STORAGE: Rennet tablets, mesophilic culture and thermophilic culture should be stored in the freezer. Rennet tablet will last up to 5 years and cultures will keep up to two years if stored properly. Calcium chloride should be stored tightly sealed in a cool, dark place.

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