Fall Lawn Fungus

Fall Lawn FungusAs the weather starts to cool off, it isn’t uncommon to start seeing lawn fungus growing on your beautiful lawns. Common signs of lawn fungus diseases are spots and patches, stunted growth, lesions on leaves, bleached turf, and dark growth at the base of plants. All of these diseases have one thing in common and that is cooler weather and moist conditions.

If you suspect that your lawn has a fungus disease, stop by Foreman’s today and we can provide you with the right lawn care plan to eliminate your lawn fungus.

Common Lawn Fungus

  • Pink Snow Mold – White to pink fungal growth that feels slimy, favored by abundant moisture.
  • Gray Snow Mold – White to gray fungal growth that may form large irregular patches, favored by abundant moisture or snow cover.
  • Yellow Patch – Circular patches of light tan to brown grass, favored by cool, wet conditions.
  • Leptosphaeria Patch – Circular yellow patches or tan to brown grass, favored by cool, wet weather.
  • Stripe Smut – Stunted grass with a lighter yellow to green color, favored by high moisture conditions.
  • Leaf Spot/Melting Out – Tiny, circular, dark spots or larger purplish spots, favored by cool air temperatures, moist conditions, and improper mowing.
  • Red Thread/Pink Patch – Small, light pink to red patches, favored by cooler weather and moist conditions.
  • Dollar Spot – Circular patches with reddish-brown borders, favored by humidity.
  • Brown Patch – Circular, light brown patches, favored by moist conditions or areas that remain wet.
  • Fairy Ring – Circular patches of dark green, often enlarged into rings, favored by mild temperatures and moisture, and sometimes in dry, hot conditions.
  • Rust – Small, yellow flecks on leaves, sometimes enlarged to form rust-colored pustules, favored by moderately warm and humid conditions or stressed turf.

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