Egg Production Decreases in Hot Weather

Egg ProductionIt’s the middle of summer and it’s hot out. You check your chickens to see if they are ok and you wonder why they are not laying eggs. Well, there is a correlation between hot weather and how it affects egg production. When temperatures start to rise right around 95 degrees and up that’s when you’ll notice that your chickens are not laying eggs. There are ways to prevent the decrease of egg production.

Here are ways you can prevent a decrease in egg production during hot weather.

  1. Make sure you are giving your chickens lots of water
  2. Consistently switch out water to make sure they are drinking clean water
  3. Provide cold water by adding ice cubes or blocks of ice in the water so it stays cooler longer
  4. Be sure to have proper ventilation in the coop by adding some vent holes for the heat to escape
  5. Install a solar exhaust fan system to really keep the coop cool
  6. Make sure when picking an area for your coop that it’s in a shady area most of the time
  7. Build a canopy attached to the coop if there are no shaded areas on your property

If you are experiencing the summer heat and your chickens are showing signs of lowered egg production, give Foreman’s a call or stop by the store and we can help. The store carries many chicken supplies to help keep your chicks cool this summer.

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