ECHO Tips: Transform Your Weed Filled Lot into an Oasis


We’ve all certainly had our fair share of tough lots to work with— here are ECHO Tips for the best process to tackle a tough lot and get the best landscaping results possible.

Many things can push back, delay, or cancel your landscaping plans. Things such as inclement weather can stop your project at a moment’s notice or prevent you from picking it back up again. But by far, one of the most overwhelming scenarios is having a lot, lawn, garden, or other space that is overly filled with what seems like endless weeds and brush.

Get a Plan.

Anything that requires much time and effort will always be best served with an overall plan or strategy. The same is true for renovating your yard. To start, take a good hard look at what you have at hand. Look at what is currently there or growing. Look at the space and overall area you have available. This will help you determine not only how much room you have to work with but also which materials you’ll need in order to remove weeds, brush, or stubborn vines. This can help you estimate an overall cost so it’s encouraged to take notes – this will help keep you on budget and allow you to refine your plan with more tangible, actionable steps.

During your initial inspection, if you find some weeds or vegetation that you’re not sure of, take pictures and speak with a local plant nursery. Their representatives should steer you in the right direction for how to remedy any weeds and what you’ll need to begin planting your ideal landscape.

Prep Work

Once you have your plan outlined, it’s time to get to work preparing the space for the good plants you have coming. Think of this stage as “demolition,” removing rocks, debris, brush, and other vegetation that you want gone. Using a trimmer or brushcutter will help you quickly cut down overgrown grass or brush throughout the lawn and will make a follow up mowing much easier (if necessary). Generally speaking, this is also a great time to aerate the soil before planting or seeding. This will ensure that the plants are going into healthy soil and help the ground absorb and retain the necessary water to keep seeds and plants hydrated. This is also the perfect time to level out any high or low spots to help avoid any standing water or potential trip hazards. Using atiller or cultivator can make this job much simpler by breaking up the dirt into a more easily manageable surface.


With your preparations finished, it’s time to get to work planting. And like any good landscape, using other features will help make those prized plants stand out visually and make spaces more enjoyable. Try any of these features to achieve your desired look or function.

Deck/Patio – Build a wooden deck or use pavers for an outdoor living space. This can lead to a new outdoor dining room with patio furniture, a place to enjoy a warm fire with a safely designated fire-pit and chairs, or even an activity space for outdoor yoga or sun-bathing.

Swing/Hammock – Placing a swing or hammock underneath the shade of a large tree will quickly become a favorite place for afternoon reading, naps, or any relaxing activity.

Garden – Grow fresh fruits, vegetables, or herbs to stock your refrigerator with and also provide a new outlet for exercise and time spent outside. Gardening is also a great activity that many find relieves stress.

Pools/Water Features – Adding a small reflecting pond will add a calming atmosphere to any space and can make for a memorable and engaging feature by adding Koi Fish.

While an overgrown lot or yard may seem like an overwhelming task, using these steps and the right outdoor power tools can help you break the job up into manageable steps and help you achieve a yard that is the envy of all of your neighbors and an oasis for you to enjoy for years to come. Visit Foreman’s General Store, your ECHO Signature Elite Dealer in Colleyville, to find the best power equipment to get the job done right!

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