Concrete Bird Baths, Splash Blocks and Stepping Stones

Concrete Bird Bath | Foreman's General StoreIf you are an avid bird watcher or just want birds to fill your backyard with the sights and sounds of nature, then concrete bird baths or splash blocks would make a great addition. Foreman’s General Store has a great selection of bird baths and splash blocks that fit your style and size needed for your backyard.

We also have stepping stones that help lead you to your backyard oasis. These stones create a beautiful path to different areas of the yard such as to the birth bath area, fire pit section, or to your flower or vegetable garden. It definitely makes getting around your backyard much easier.

Here are some helpful tips on how to set up your concrete bird baths.

  1. Place birdbaths in the shade to keep the water cooler and fresher.
  2. Having nearby trees will provide birds a place to preen.
  3. Place stones or branches in the water for birds to stand on so they don’t get wet.
  4. Water level: 0.5 inches to 1 inches around the edges to 2 inches in the center of the bath.
  5. Provide dripping water as it attracts birds.
  6. Change water frequently to keep the water clean for drinking, prevent algae and other diseases to occur.


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