Cold Weather Protection Begins at Foreman’s

Cold Weather

Make sure you are prepped and ready to for cold weather and potential winter freeze events with a trip to Foreman’s General Store.  We have all the supplies you need to protect your animals, your home, and, of course, you and your family!

Protecting Plants

Freezing temperatures occurring early in fall or late spring are usually more damaging to plants than freezing temperatures in mid-winter. Keep your garden plants and shrubs well-protected when temperatures stay below freezing for more than a couple hours or overnight. Container plants should be moved inside or in a protected area.  Water your plants, especially container plants, before a freeze moves in to ensure plants stay hydrated.  Remember to cover up your outdoor faucets– make sure the spigot is turned off with any hoses removed— Foreman’s has foam and heavy duty insulated faucet covers to keep these from freezing.

Protecting Animals

Take the extra steps to make sure your livestock animals, family pets, and backyard birds are protected from the cold, too! Make sure they have plenty of feed and water and provide extra shavings and hay for stable animals, including your chickens. We carry stock tank de-icers as well as pail and bird bath de-icers to ensure animals have access to a water source during freezing weather. If your dogs spend most of their time outdoors, make sure they have adequate shelter from rain and wind. Foreman’s has a variety of pet shelters as well as straw bales for keeping your animals protected from the cold and wet weather. For your indoor pets, we have pet beds available in every size as well as bed liners for pet crates.

We also carry a variety of kerosene, propane and electric heaters for keeping barns and outdoor workspaces toasty warm, too.  If planning to be outdoors (perhaps cheering on your favorite team or in a blind somewhere?), make sure you have dressed appropriately—including hands, head, and feet.  If you’re spending time outside, our new iron forged fire pits will help keep the warmth going after a long day on the ranch, stable or hunting lease.  We have seasoned firewood is available, call for pricing. Plus, our handmade Navajo blankets provide additional warmth for pets or during tailgates, kids’ games, or enjoying the fire pit.

Improper clothing and prolonged exposure to wind and moisture are the primary causes of hypothermia, which can be fatal. Hypothermia can develop even when temperatures remain a few degrees below freezing— so, as mom says, “Bundle Up!”

Stay ahead of the cold weather with a visit to Foreman’s General Store— we have everything from plenty of hay and shavings as well as de-icers, heaters, dog houses, pet beds and more.  Come see us before winter sets in!


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