Cold Weather Products

cold weather productsAs the weather gets cooler many folks start to look for cold weather products.  Foreman’s has you covered a  selection of winter-ready products.

Heat Lamps: This handy electrical device emits heat rather than light. The bulbs are designed to get extra hot in order to keep the surface warm and the lamp itself is plastic free to keep you safe.

Burlap: This is the time of year where flower beds and bushes are at risk of dying off due to server cold weather that they are not immune to. Protect your plants today and keep them covered in burlap wrapping.

Faucet Covers: We have a variety of faucet cover options for both inside and outside to fit your water protection needs. Our covers are designed to protect your water faucets from freezing temperatures and they are simple to put on and remove when needed.

Ice Melt: Ice Melt is a mixture of magnesium chloride and calcium chloride pellets. The calcium chloride is known for having the best results for effectively and efficiently melting ice off from icy covered surfaces.

Navajo Blankets: A great way to stay warm is to bundle up with a nice blanket. Foreman’s offer a large variety of Navajo blankets, they are extremely durable and work well in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Dog Beds: Of course we can’t forget about your furry friend. Your dog wants to stay cozy and warm with you and that is why we offer you a great selection of dog beds. Come see us today and pick out the perfect new bed.

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