Are Ground Nesting Bees Around Your Lawn?

Ground Nesting Bees | Foreman's General StoreAre you seeing ground nesting bees around your lawn and garden? If you are seeing dry small mounds of soil then you have ground bees on your property. These bees look a lot like honey bees and are great pollinators as they feed on nectars and pollen from flowers.

No need to be alarmed as these bees don’t do any harm to people. They actually help your lawn by acting as aeration holes that help water and nutrients penetrate the soil. But if you have to get rid of ground bees, just add water to their nesting places and they will move on to another place. They prefer dry nesting soil so no need to use any chemicals or pesticides.

The two most common and natural way to remove ground nesting bees are:

  1. Limit Soil Patches- have thicker grass or foliage which is not a preferred nesting area
  2. Regular Watering – wet soil is not good for burrowing for ground bees

However, if you do want to eliminate these ground bees, please use natural options.  Here at Foreman’s we have organic options available in our organic section.


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