Spring Fertilizer and Weed Control Products

Spring Fertilizer and weed control

Foreman’s General Store is your go-to authority for Spring Fertilizer and Weed Control Products. We have a wide selection of conventional and organic options available— our expert staff can assist you with finding the right balance of nutrients needed to green up your lawn and keep the weeds at bay all season long.

Our prices on large bag fertilizers (50 lbs. and up) are lower than the big box stores and our level of customer service is always better, too!

K-8 15-5-10W/Iron and Trace40 lb bag$16.99
15-5-10with sulfur50 lb bag$12.99
10-20-10with sulfur50 lb bag$14.99
13-13-13with sulfur50 lb bag$13.99
21-0-0with sulfur50 lb bag$10.99
33-0-0with sulfur50 lb bag$12.99
15-5-10slow release$15.99
21-0-0AM sulfate$10.99
33-0-0AM nitrate$12.99
28-0-0with 50% uflex slow release$25.00
 Ferti-Lome and Other  
24-0-4Lawn Food + Iron (3%)5000$18.99
24-0-4Lawn Food + Iron (3%)10,000$34.99
11-0-0H-Y Iron Plus (16%)25 LB$22.50
19-8-10Tree and Shrub20 LB$22.99
14-12-11Rose Wood20 LB$25.99
9-15-10Azalea/Camelia15 LB$19.99
20-20-20Peter's Soluble20 LB$49.99
19-13-6Color Star (SP)25 LB$39.99
10-0-14Winterizer w/weed preventer4500$21.99
 Organic Options  
20-5-10Foreman's40 LB$24.95
6-3-0Hou-Actinite50 LB$14.50
7-2-2Gardenville40 LB$29.99
6-2-4Texas Tea40 LB$29.95
6-1-4Bradfield40 LB$29.99
8-2-4Lady Bug25 LB$34.95
4-3-2Nature's Guide40 LB$21.50
24-0-0Neil Sperry20 LB$23.99
 Organic Plus  
Sick Tree/ Therapy40 LB$11.99
6-1-1Cottonseed Meal20 LB$25.00
0-10-0Bone Meal20 LB$19.99
Green Sand40 LB$12.75
Molasses50 LB$24.99
Gypsum Pellets40 LB$9.99
Dolomite Pellets40 LB$10.99
Hydrated Lime50 LB$12.95
Disper-Sul50 LB$25.99
Dusting Sulfer50 LB$39.95
Vermiculite4 cf$34.50
Bentonite50 LB$12.99
Surround WP25 LB
Humate50 LB$22.95
4-1-2Alfalfa Meal$34.95
Expanded Shale40 LB$7.99
Lava Sand40 LB$9.50
Epsom Salt50 LB$27.99
Gypsum Powder40 LB$11.99
Dolomite Powder50 LB
Field Marker50 LB
Rock Phosphate20 LB$29.99
Earthworm Cast.20 LB$22.99
S.M. Turf Mate25 LB$16.50
Perlite4 cf$24.50
Blood Meal17 LB$53.00

Foreman’s private label is $24.95 for a 40 lb bag. 20-5-10 slow release with all the trace elements packages made for this area and our soil ph.

Spring Fertilizer Application

If you properly fertilized your lawn in the fall, there is probably no need to apply another layer of fertilizer in the spring. Cool season grasses, in particular, are good at holding on to fertilizer from the fall and using it all winter.

There is a good chance that your cool season grass is still utilizing the fertilizer from the fall throughout the spring and into the summer. Warm season grasses may need a fresh layer of fertilizer during the spring because they begin to soak up the nutrients as soon as the weather gets warmer.

Dealing with Weeds

If you know that your lawn is prone to weeds, early spring can be a good time to apply herbicides to prevent the weeds from developing. It is much easier to get rid of persistent weeds before they have a chance to form than to deal with them once they have fully matured. Getting rid of weeds is another aspect of lawn care that is most effective if it is done in the fall.

If you treat your lawn for weeds in the late fall, you will probably not have as many to deal with in the spring. A light application of pre-emergent herbicide in the spring should take care of any of the weeds that survived your fall treatment. Don’t overdo the spring weed control products, however, or you may damage the new grass that is starting to grow.

Visit Foreman’s General Store today for the best prices on Spring fertilizers and weed control products to ensure your lawn is always the envy of the neighborhood!

 Weed Killers  
15-0-10H-Y Weed and Feed20 LB$14.99
25-0-4Weed Out & Fert (red)5000$19.99
20-0-4St. Augustine W&F2500$13.99
Weed Out (Green)10 LB$14.99
Wipe Out10 LB$19.99
Weed Beater Complete$19.99
 Lawn Fixers  
Broadleaf w/Gallery2000$22.99
20-0-3Feed w/Dimension16 LB$19.99
20-0-3Feed w/Dimension32 LB$32.99
H-Y Dimension35 LB$35.99
H-Y Dimension12 LB$12.99
Treflan15 LB$18.99
XL-2G50 LB$77.00
16-0-8All Seasons5000$22.99
10-0-14Winterizer and Weed Preventer16 LB$21.99
9-0-0Corn Gluten40 LB$34.99
Amaze10 LB$24.99
5-5-25Meal or Granules w/ Barricade$24.00
B-4Meal or Granules w/ Pendi$19.95
20-0-3FertiLome35 LB$32.99
Turf Ranger10 LB$13.99
Bug Blaster11.5 LB$12.99
Grub Free Zone15 LB$18.99
Bayer Complete10 LB$19.95
Natural Guard Grub17 LB$39.99
Milky Spore20 LB$67.50
Cedarcide10 LB$13.99
Diatomaceous Earth50 LB$32.50
Diatomaceous Earth25 LB$27.00
Diatomaceous Earth10 LB$17.99
Bayor w/Dylox$24.95
Arena50 LB$65.00
F-Stop8 LB$19.99
F-Stop20 LB$34.99
Corn Meal30 LB$15.00



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